Strategic Planning Process

Informal Consultations: May 2016 (appointment of President Clancy) – November 1,
2016 (Date that President Clancy officially assumed presidency)

  • Meetings and email exchanges with faculty, staff, students, alumni, Trustees, donors and community leaders

The Groundwork: November 2016 – February 2017

  • Faculty senate vision committee: one elected faculty member from each college plus president and vice president of Faculty Senate; weekly meetings through April 2017 with President Clancy to discuss and draft vision statement
  • University Leadership Council: monthly meetings with president, deans, senior administrators and one faculty member per college
  • Appointment of Vice President for Strategic Initiatives in December 2016
  • Foundational research
    • Study of external trends impacting higher education
    • Benchmarking study against 12 peer/aspirant schools and 12 schools that our admitted students attend in lieu of TU
  • Approval of Phase II on February 8, 2017: “invest to grow” strategy, with targeted investments in enrollment management, marketing, the capital campaign and academic programs ripe for strategic growth
  • President Clancy holds two university-wide faculty and staff meetings to discuss vision, foundational research and strategic planning process (November 16, 2016; February 20, 2017)
  • Board of Trustees discusses strategic planning at board meeting on February 8, 2017
  • Appointment of University Strategic Planning Committee: President Clancy appoints faculty, staff, administrators, student leaders, graduate student leaders and an alumni representative to university-wide strategic planning committee; President Clancy delivers charge to the committee on February 20, 2017

Formal Strategic Planning Process: March 2017-present

  • March 2017
    –Board of Trustees strategic planning retreat
    – Faculty senate vision committee delivers Vision 2022 to strategic planning committee
    – Launch of campus-wide strategic planning portal
    – Feedback email address:
    – Re-establishment of staff council for purpose of providing staff feedback on the strategic plan
    – Strategic planning committee members consult with their stakeholder groups:
    • Professors Brummell, Carpenter, Chase, Henshaw, Martindale and Suter consult with respective college’s faculty
    • R. Blais and Dean Sullenberger consult with dean’s council
    • M. Cordell, J. Bury, D. Fishback and J. Levit consult with staff council
    • J. Levit consults with J. Caldwell (Office of Diversity), S. Neal’s reports (Gilcrease, research and economic development, public affairs), K. Buck’s reports (controller’s office, physical plant, security, human resources and IT)
    • D. Fishback and K. Hale consult with institutional advancement team
    • E. Johnson consults with student services team and enrollment management team
    • Student association representatives interview students on campus and provide a video essay of student feedback
    • Graduate student representatives meet with GSA
  • April 2017
    – President Clancy, K. Hale, J. Levit and J. Griffin meet with National Alumni Board to discuss
    – President Clancy holds leadership retreat (President’s executive team and deans) to discuss vision, TU Commitment and strategic planning
    – President Clancy holds strategic planning session with student leaders
  • May 2017
    – Board of Trustees discusses favorably the Vision and TU Commitment as the framework for the strategic plan
  • June and July 2017
    – Strategic planning committee holds three full-day retreats and several meetings to develop objectives and strategies
  • August 2017
    – Release of strategic plan to faculty and staff via Sharepoint portal and development of web-based feedback mechanism
    – Strategic planning committee member outreach to constituent groups
    • Professors Brummell, Carpenter, Chase, Henshaw, Martindale and Suter consult with respective college’s faculty
    • J. Levit consults with university leadership council (deans, senior leadership and faculty)
    • J. Levit consults with Center for Global Education
    • J. Levit, J. Bury, and D. Fishback consult with staff council
    • J. Levit consults with J. Caldwell and Diversity Action Plan steering committee
    • R. Blais and J. Levit meet with dean’s council
    • E. Johnson consults with enrollment management team, student services team and D. Gragg
    • A. Hansen and D. Varshney meet with Student Association (August 22) and student body at activities fair (August 24)
    • J. Griffin and A. Freiberger consult with alumni association leaders
    – Draft strategic plan distributed to Board of Trustees
  • September 2017
    – Board of Trustees executive committee reviews strategic plan
    – Strategic plan presented to faculty and staff at convocation
  • October 2017
    – Board of Trustees reviews and approves strategic plan (anticipated)
  • October – December 2017
    – Development of implementation plan for strategic plan
  • January 2018
    – Budget meetings
  • March 2018
    – HLC visit